Monday, December 29, 2008


Corfu island, Greece 2007. Coolin' it with the locals.
The year is 2006 and the first Hiphop Festival in estonia. ,,SK'' piece.
The very first ,,Kares'' piece in Mustamäe. The year was 2004.
2004 in Germany. ,,Kares'' and ,,Lazy'' pieces. Mad J's and good times at Lazy's place.
Felixmural 2005 in the LA tunnel. ,,Mora'' and ,,Cares'' pieces by Big Mora and Sim Kares. Booyaka.
Felixmural in the making..good times!
,,Kare'' piece, VN 2005.
,,Jamal'' and ,,Kare'' pieces with Jamal, 2008 in Tondi hall of fame.
,,Graphcrew'' piece in Linnahall, 2007
,,KRS-T'' piece in Linnahall, 2007
,,Car'' piece in LA hall of fame year 2006.
,,Car'' piece in LA hall of fame, 2006.
,,Kar'' piece in Suur-Sõjamägi 2006.
,,Sim'' piece in the tunnel. Year 2006.
Mafia piece ,,Care'' in Jäähall, year 2005
Robot mural with my man Neki, year 2006.
,,WXYZ''(from 1984 crew, Paris) ,,Cars'' and ,,Antsik''(his girl from Estonia) Linnahall mural 2006. Great experience! Maad styles!
,,Car'' piece in LA, year 2006?
,,Car'' piece in Pelgulinn with my pal Ri King! 2008
A piece for a friend, 2007.
,,Cars'' piece in Tartu 2007.
Hiphopfest 2007, in action with Disla. Bigup!
,,Car'' piece in Parkla hall of fame, year 2006.
,,Car'' piece 2006 in Kadriorg.
,,Maks'' piece at Mago's room. 2005
,,Care'' B-day piece from my homie Jamal. 2005, hot!
,,KRS'' piece in Pirita 2007.
Wintermural with my man Neki, 2008 LA hall of fame.
For the one and only! B-day present 2008 in Tartu.
,,Super'' piece in LA hall of fame. 2003 and still there, RESPECT!
,,Kares'' piece in Tondi hall of fame, 2006
In the city 2007
,,Flying high 2008''

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

10-6@Urban house 19.dets !

19.Detsember Hip hop holiday@Urban house
10-6,,Tõe tund LP'' esitlus!
Dj Maxzy

Design:Big Mora

Sim Kares Designs ,,Blue series no.1'' @