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Etvkorksters represent!

* Sim Kares, Destroyz, Big Mora 97 *

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For my main man Oz *

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RLV Party..

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Cheers, Royz, Gosh '11

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Rest in paradise Revo..


LA Blockparty

Saturday, September 3 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Lindakivi Kultuurikeskuse Taga

More Info:

Gorõ Lana Band
Упрёки Местами
Random Project
krick ja whiz
Люки Прихода
Sim Kares
Black Bros

+B-Boy & Footbag Show

Üritus on TASUTA!
Tule kohale oma grilliga!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekend Madness@Embassy

On the MPC and on the decks..


Friday, September 2 at 11:00pm - September 3 at 4:00am

Kreutzwaldi 2a
Rakvere, Estonia
Rakvere Teatrikohvikus
Algus kell 23.00

LEJAL'NYTE vol.58:

2007. aastast kestnud ooteaja ja sadade stuudiotundide järel on viimaks valminud Rakvere hiphop-artistide ühendmeeskonna RLV Massive värske album „Teine Vool“. Teemadest on arutlusel lihtne, muhe ja kodune uulitsaelu, sõnaturgudel toimetavate kavalate rebaste meisterdatavad tüngad, kuid samuti noortepärastele vooludele omane hoog ja naer, mis on väga asjakohased siis, kui sul tuju hea ja oled sõpradega üheskoos. Täpne artistide ja lugude loetelu asub aadressil

Stupid F & Hash, Grässhopas (Maxtract & Judabels), J.R.Rhymes, Vorr Poksjorr, Hull Verner, Móre, Lord, Napoleon ja teised.


Beebilõust & J.R.Rhymes

Lisaks DJ'd:


Pidu algab kell 23, etteasted peale keskööd.
Pilet enne keskööd 5 eurot, hiljem 6 eurot.
Vanusepiirang 18.

Kuula ja vaata lähemalt @

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,,The kings of whaaat, the kings of styyyyle...''

Sim Kares, Riku, Emat, Elast, Sänk. Characters by Multistab
Bigger panorama HERE
*R.I.P. Kase 2*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Estonian Hiphop Festival..

EHHF 2011 poster design..

And the EHHF piece in Tartu city..

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Carz, Elast, Ossick, Omega - Good times...

After a few weeks of trippin' around Estonia's finest summer places
we decided to do make a mural when we arrived... Good times!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wacom Sketch...

By the tracks..

A sunday visit to the oldschool place.
This is where it all begun for many of us...

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A trip to Copenhagen...

,,Kares'' piece with Karma's characters...
1st Day scrap throwie...

The HUGE Copenhagen gallery. I really was astonished by that place and the local graffiti skills. At the first day as we walked around the gallery, we didn't have any cans yet. But is was still possible to pick up a scrap-can from here and a cap from there to make a throwup. They even had beercases laying around so you could make a higher piece if it was needed. So we made a piece there the next day as well. When I went there 2 days later unfortunately our piece was destroyed by some crap. Also the half of the murals were already covered by new murals by that time. I guess that's how it is there. Strange for me aldough, because our pieces can last even 10 years here. But still there are some writers, who will just not get burned. 10-15 writers were enjoying the sunday by painting large-scale pieces. We even stumbled across Bates, who is one of my big favourite writers in the world. Unfortunately we couldn't chat with him, because he left earlier as he finished his piece. The Zonenkinder Collective were still working on their part of the mural, and they told me that the guy who walked pass us was Bates. You can see their mural HERE...
Running inside the dead trains...Featuring a piece from TomCat19. Damn how I like his rugged style! The guys from MOAS were also not sleeping, as was my prediction..
The trains are still really clean inside with curtains and spotless seat covers. A good place to hang around and drink some beers. There were no homeless people at all inside these cars. That was a surprise for me...

And the 3 small throwies in Christiania. The biggest surprise for me while being there. If you want to know more about the place then look it up the net..
It was a good trip and definetly worth to check out more than 1 time..