Wednesday, May 23, 2012

- Whitelines

Abandoned spaces

- Crew rockers

Destroyz - Fresh - Sim Kares
Props to the crew

- Lasnamäe Days

Just passed by Lasnamäe Days the other day. Good job fellas!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

- Paljassaare 2012 -

- Some fresh sunday flavour with Toze97 -

R.I.P. Linahall hall of fame. Apparently the city has alot of money to spend on nonsense. So why not destroy a graffiti-tourist-attraction and also a big part of Tallinn's street art history and replace it with a grey concrete monster. Things are getting more ridicoulus every day. Street art will be here and it is not going anywhere. Linnahall will be covered in graffiti in no time the way it is supposed to be. The big spenders should resolve their own problems first. And not by making some bullshit articles and by hiding behind us. Fuck the rules and fuck the the fat politicians making fun of their own people. DON'T SLEEP!