Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sim Kares - The 53 mixtape..

My first mixtape available for free download !

The tracklist:
1.Sim Kares Intro - ,,This is it/Turn it up’’
2.K-Def - ,,Gettin’ hot’’
3.Reks - ,,Big dreamers’’
4.Surreal - ,,Moment in time’’
5.The Heliocentrics - ,,Distant star (instrumental)’’
6.Dj Premier - ,,Original represent (EK the crew mix)’’
7.Roots Manuva - ,,No love’’
8.Madlib the Beat Kondukta - ,,Masala’’
9.Oh No - ,,Bouncers’’
10.Naughty by Nature - ,,Hiphop hooray (jazzy mix)’’
11.The Pharacyde - ,,Soulflower (dog’s bollocks)’’
12.De La Soul - ,,Breakadawn (U.K. remix)
13.Showbiz & A.G. - ,,A giant in the mental’’
14.The Roots - ,,Seed 2.0’’
15.Dr Dre - ,,Still D.R.E.’’
16.J-Live - ,,Practice’’
17.J Dilla - ,,Won’t do (instrumental & Nastradamus mashup)’’
18.Sim Kares - ,,Wildin’ out (MPC freestyle)’’
19.Sim Kares - ,,Steppin’ (MPC freestyle)’’
20.Gangstarr- ,,BWYCK’’
21.House of Pain - ,,Jump around (Pete Rock remix)’’
22.Souls of Mischief - ,,93 til’ infinity’’
23.Beastie Boys - ,,Hey ladies’’
24.Oh No - ,,Heavy’’
25.Sim Kares Outro - ,,Cake (MPC freestyle)’’

Last beerdrinkin' weathers...enjoy them while you can...

,,Cars'' piece in Linnahall '09...
Photo by Jamal©

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paljassaare trip the ,,Out of space'' mural with Sboy and Big Mora..

,,Aroms'' piece...
Sboy's character...
,,Serak'' piece...
The mural...
Photos by Chrissie©